Sangeeta Saigal, Attorney At Law, PLLC
Areas of Practice
Estate Planning
The future is always uncertain but we can help you prepare for it. We can assist in your estate planning with wills, trusts, power of attorneys and health care directives. We can also help prepare for your future long term care planning and assist in locating appropriate services and alternative living arrangements.

Elder Law
Sometimes our elderly or disabled loved ones are unable to make decisions and need the assistance of a guardian to advocate on their behalf and to protect their interests. We can file petitions for either a limited guardian of the person or the estate or both or a full guardianship of the person or estate or both depending upon the individual's incapacity and needs. If need be we can also file a petition for vunerable adult protective order.
Administrative Hearings
A finding of abuse, neglect, or financial exploitation will result in limiting your choices of employers. If you are a provider, nurse, or nursing assistant working in a nursing home, boarding home, adult family home, or a state facility caring for the elderly, vunerable, or the disabled person and have a preliminary finding against you, we can represent you in defending against these allegations.

As an owner of an adult family home or boarding home you are subject to regulation by the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS). As such, you may have to defend yourself if DSHS imposes citations, fines or regulatory actions such as licensure revocation or suspension against you. A negative outcome will severely impact your ability to continue providing for your residents. We can represent your interests in the hearings and have your voice heard.

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